Lookin more like home

Well we're getting closer and closer to moving into
our home! This weekend was soooooooo nice, we
really didn't want to spend it working indoors, but
we knew we had to! We got a lot done including
our kitchen tile down, the dining room hardwood,
and the foyer hardwood done! While Joe worked
on the floor, I worked on painting trim. Oh what
fun that was :)

The shower in our master bathroom

Where the tub will go

Steps going upstairs

Joe working on foyer

Luv it!

Dining Room

Dining Room again

Kitchen tile

Laundry Room


Courtney, Jeff, & Ayla said...

Looks great! Keep em coming!

Chelsa said...

looking good!! any estimation on move in??

The Gingerich Family said...

Okay, so anytime that Matt is over there bugging you, don't be afraid to send him home. LOL. He acts like a little kid, going over to the neighbors to play. He is too funny.
I love the colors and the floors. You guys are doing a GREAT job!!! Keep it up:)

Ashlye said...

Looks awesome! I'm sure you guys are ready to get in there. I know about painting trim! I did it in my house too:( Love your colors!!