Dining Room

Well the house is moving along. A couple months ago
we had the furniture company come and deliver our
furniture for the dining room and mast bedroom. We
originally wanted them to hold it until we were ready
and then we'd pick it up from E-ville. Well they told
us one day they were in the neighborhood and would
deliver it free of charge and assemble it all, then wrap
it in plastic. We could not resist, so we had them take
it into our garage. So Sunday, we FINALLY got the
dining room done, and put the furniture in...thanks to
the help from our neighbor Matthew!! I love it!!!!!!! I'm
so excited to have a room pretty much done
( I still have to work on the buffet) Here is a pic I took
with my cell.


Courtney, Jeff, & Ayla said...

Yay! It looks great. I am SO ready to put furniture and nails in the walls and make it a home, not a place we go to visit every night! How much longer for you guys?

Chelsa said...

pretty pretty!! move in date??

The Gingerich Family said...

Okay, so I was on here last night and Matt was looking behind my shoulders and I told him that his name made it in your blog. He pretty much took my laptop away from me. He was sooo excited.
Can't wait!!!!

Leah Robinson said...

Jess, u crack me up! He was a lot of help! There's no way I could have moved that stuff in!!! Plus he had to listen to me gripe about not scratching it Hahaha!!!

I think we might move in some little stuff this weekend just to stay and then the following weekend we should be able to move more stuff!!! YAY!!!!!!!!