Vacation Over......Back to reality!!!

Well our spring break is over, and I'm back to reality...WORK!!!

Our vacation started out fun....we went to Indy to the Children's Musuem and the Zoo! We stayed at the Westin (downtown). I highly recommend it...we were close to everything, and the service was great! We left our house early that Sunday morning, and didn't realize the NCAA game between Michigan State and Louisville was going on until we were headed there LOL So we were thinking traffic was going to be horrible, but it wasn't too bad! We went to the Museum first. The girls had a blast! But there were soooo many people there b/c it was cold and rainy outside :( There is so much walking, and with Alli Jo not having a nap....we were ALL ready to leave! Here are a few pictures from the musuem.

Diggin' for dinosaur bones

My two lil dinosaurs

Watch out...this is scary to think in about 7 yrs this will happen!!

My little knight killing my little dragon haha!
The girls fishing.....looks like Hunter got a bite!
Hunter playing in the sand.....
A rare occasion the girls are getting along haha!

After the musuem, we headed over to the hotel. It wasn't too far! But it was the exact same time people were heading into Lucas Oil Stadium, and our hotel was right down the street! haha So it took about 10 minutes to go around the block! But it was ok, b/c we were a little early for check-in. We all plopped down on the beds and rested for some time. Alli Jo was being a stinker b/c she took at quick cat nap in the car on the way over from the zoo. So after we had some rest, we decided to walk to the mall via the skywalk. It was so nice, b/c like I said earlier it was rainy and cold outside! So we never once had to go out in the rain! We did a little shopping (ok a lot of shopping) then ate at Champps. It was pretty cool, we watched the game on the big screen and there were several fans from both teams in there eating! I was rooting for Louisville b/c that's the team I had at work. But as you all know Michigan State won that game. There were a lot of disappointed fans in the restaraunt. But everyone was in good spirits. After we ate, we walked back to the hotel and crashed!!

The next morning we got up, got our things packed and went to the zoo!! Last time Alli Jo went, she was too young to remember anything....so she was ecstatic to say the least! Hunter LOVES animals....she could go to the zoo every weekend!!

Here are the sharks you could pet.....mommy did not pet them :)

Hunter thought it was cool, and mommy
about had a heart attack!! haha
I told Joe not to get his wedding finger bit off LOL
Some of my favorites- penguins!
Hunter's favorite...Mr. or Mrs. Polar Bear
These guys were hilarious....they came right up to the glass
and were trying to make us laugh!

The funniest picture ever....look how big this guy is!!!
We were dying laughing!!

The lion was out enjoying the warm sun. He was RIGHT
next to the fence!!

We stopped for a bit to watch the dolphin show...the lighting
wasn't very good!

This little guy was playing peek-a-boo with us....we were
cracking up!!

After the zoo, we drove straight home. It was such a relief to get home!!! We were all so tired from all the walking!!!

The next few days of break, I was getting things ready for my garage sale. And it took a while, let me tell ya! I spent three days just going through all the girls' clothes! But it was worth it,

we had a great sale! I still had enough left to have another one....so I will probably do that at mom's house in L-town. Soooo.....keep that in mind if you missed out this time :)

So now I'm back to work...yippie LOL I miss being at home with Alli Jo (Hunter's at school). But I know that I have a great job, and this is what's best for our family right now!!

Till the next time..............


Brittany said...

The museum looked like lots of fun! We loved the stuff we got at the yardsale. Meredith has been driving her dolly stroller around all weekend.

Susie said...

How FUN your Indy trip looks! We've never done the Indy Zoo so now you've given me a glimpse of what all is there...looks very nice. I love the pictures of your girls playing at the museum especially the one of Ali Jo concentrating with her tongue out! Griffin does that too! Also we LOVE are yard sale purchases too! Have a good week as you dip back into reality! (same here)

Tara said...

Awesome pictures. Some of my favorite memories and pictures from when I was little was the zoo. So important to do fun things like that as a family! They looked like they were really getting along and had fun!

Anonymous said...

That pic of Joe next to the big guy was too funny! Looks like you guys had a blast. It's so nice to get away and do things like that as a family!