Suuummmbody is a BIG GIRL!!!

Guess who started on cereal this morning??? You guessed it! Miss Stella! She LOVED it! She has been starting to be more aware of her surroundings and when we're eating she wants some! She just would STARE at us as we put the food in our mouths. And her bottles alone just aren't cutting it! Since she can sit up pretty good with support, I thought it's about time we start some solids! She ate about a tbsp of Rice cereal this morning.

Of course it was a family event =)

This picture cracks me up....I promise some of the cereal
DID go in her mouth hahaha!!!


Chelsa said...

how fun!! she is just too cute!

c is going to have to get some soon... he is eating 6 oz every 3 hours and sometimeshe is still wanting more! he is such a piggy!

i love your new header picture!

Jamie said...

I love the whole family affair - it's a pretty special milestone and I'm sure they were happy to help out.

Jamie said...

What a fun milestone - the girls looked very excited to be sharing this moment with their little sister. :)