Baby Names

No No, I'm not preggo! haha

Check out Kelly's Korner blog...she is talking about BABY NAMES! Who does like talking about baby names??? Well my husband I guess LOL I drive him nuts with baby names. Every time I ask him what he thinks about a baby name, he thinks I'm pregnant again haha =)

I remember growing up constantly coming up with names. If I wasn’t naming my Barbie’s I was naming my stuffed animals or my sister LOL Yes, I would tease my sister and tell her Megan wasn’t her real name…gosh I was mean! I think I was a bit jealous, b/c I loved her name, and disliked mine. I didn’t know anyone else named Leah….and there were probably 5 Megans in her class! Needless to say when I was in school I wanted to be cool and have the same name as someone else!

Hunter Love
So for years and years I would come up with names for my future children! I remember when I found out I was having Hunter, my hairdresser had named her daughter Hunter….Hunter’s dad and I thought it was really cool and unique for a girl…..so that’s what we decided. I wasn’t really sure what everyone’s reaction would be considering it’s a more common boy name. So we wanted an extra feminine middle name. At the time my favorite actress was Jennifer Love Hewitt. So I decided the middle name “Love”. It fits her so well I cannot imagine her with any other name!

Alli Jo
Well Alli’s name was pretty easy, with the help of her big sister! I really like the middle name Jo right away, named after her daddy “Joe” of course! But I was stuck between Alli or Aubrey. Hunter said it HAD to be Alli….so there you have it!

If she would have turned out to be a boy, we had picked out William (my last name was Williams) Allan (my step-dads middle name)

Stella Alyse
Stella’s was a little harder. I was stuck between Stella, Sophia, and Savannah. It ended up being between Stella and Sophia. Then I asked the entire family one night and we all agreed Stella! So she was pretty much Stella most of my pregnancy =) Her middle name was not chosen until the very end of my pregnancy. My full name is Leah Rose Alice Robinson. I wanted something unique…so I figure turn Alice into Alyse (uh-lease).

If she would have been a boy, we had Wyatt picked out. Not sure of a middle name.

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all your girls have cute names :)