Speaking of being a BIG girl.....

Stella had her 4 month ck up Friday 5.14.10. She is now 13lbs 6.5oz! Head is 15.5in. Length 25.25in!! Such a BIG girl =) Doc said that she is WAY advanced for a 4 month old! Exactly the words a mother wants the hear! She said all of her motor skills are like those of a 6 month old. I was kind of surprised. I mean I thought she was right on track, but advanced for her age caught me off guard. That's my girl!!

Some of the things she can now do are:
**Support some of her weight on her legs, and she loves to bounce
**Grabs her feet and pulls them up towards her chest

**Her hand control is developed enough that she can rake a small object toward herself.

**She now realizes where sounds come from, and she'll turn quickly toward a new one.

**Rolls from her stomach to her back

**She can raise her chest, supported by her arms, when she lies on her stomach.

**She laughs out loud

**She squeels when she's happy

Here she is at her 4mo ck up! See the paper...yep, she ripped it =)

Here she is trying some apples....YUUUMMMMYYY!!!!


Chelsa said...

such a cutie!!

Brittany Janae said...

What a cutie pie!!! I finally saw her in church on Sunday- so sweet!