Prayer Request

I want to ask for prayers for this sweet
baby girl Jocelyn Shae! You can read about
Jocelyn's story on her website: Jocelyn's Journey

Jocelyn is a 7 month old cousin to my daughter Hunter.
Her mom Courtney is like a sister to me, being
that I've known her since she was 8 years old
and watched her grow up and into a wonderful
Jocelyn was born with Unilateral Open Lip Schizencephaly,
which means that she has an opening in her brain on
the left side. Schizencephaly is a very rare condition
that is categorized by slits in the brain. It can cause
blindness, motor delays, seizures, and many other things.
This past Friday, she had her first seizure. They took her
to the hospital and they ended up lifelining her to Riley's.
Her heart rate and BP were dropping.
They did surgery to relieve pressure on her brain and to
put a shunt in as well. The surgeries went GREAT! PTL!
Yesterday she got moved out of intensive care and into
a regular room. Thank God! Hopefully she'll be able to go
home in a couple days! Please keep her and the family in
your prayers! Jocelyn has a 2 year old brother Nicholas.

Here are a couple pictures of JoJo that I took for

her fundraisers...

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Mo said...

My daughter will be 3 in August and she too has Schiz. It's a scary thing, no doubt, but it should all be okay...she'll be in my thoughts as I follow their story.