I'm back!

Sorry it's been a few days, we just got done with celebrating Alli Jo's 5th birthday!! WOW 5 years old....crazy! She will be starting Kindergarten this fall, and it just doesn't seem possible!! I wish I was one of those mommys who writes well, I'm just not. But if I could write you a letter Alli Jo, here is what it would say:

Dear AJ,

I know you like it when mommy calls you AJ, you always light up and giggle=) How could I ever tell you exactly what you mean to me and how much fun we have shared together? My life has been amazing since you were placed in my arms just five years ago! I remember when you were in my tummy your daddy and I tried to figure out the PERFECT name. Did you know that God already knew what your name was going to be before mommy and daddy even thought about it? He did! And he knows the number hairs on your beautiful head! hee hee He is amazing, and He has let me and your dad be your parents and guide you on this earth and we are so honored!

Back to your name.....Mommy was having trouble deciding on the "perfect" name. Your big sister Hunter said it should be AJ. I thought that was so cute, so we needed to come up with what the A & J stood for. Being that your daddy's name is Joe, it was fit that your middle name would be Jo =) I eventually had it narrowed down to either Aubrey Jo or Alli Jo. And daddy decided he liked Alli better =) So there it was Alli Jo Robinson, our soon to be baby girl!

Mommy's pregnancy went pretty good! It was a hot summer and I remembered being pregnant with Hunter who was born in July...so I was sort of used to it. I just stayed in the air conditioning as much as possible! Your due date was July 1st, but something just told me I wouldn't make it to then. Sure enough I was induced on June 26, 2006 and you were born at 11:31am.

I remember you had the cutest chubby cheeks ever and you were so alert as you tried to open your big beautiful eyes and see your mommy for the first time! You didn't cry much at all, but when you did we knew you wanted something and wanted it NOW!

I wanted to hold you all day long, you loved me and I loved you and to this day we still argue about who loves whom more....I say I love you forever Alli Jo and you tell me, "I love you all the way to Jesus and back!" haha It's just so darn cute how your mind works! You are ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS making us laugh. I honestly don't think a day goes by that your dad and I don't laugh at something you say....you love to make us happy! Whether it's mocking your big sister and acting like a DIVA or making silly faces at your little sis =)

You have grown into such a beautiful young lady Alli Jo! People come up to me and comment often how pretty and sweet you are, just like a princess =( And you are more loving than any five year old I know. You are kind, caring, love unconditionally and live fully. You love waking up each day and are ALWAYS in a good mood! Your joy is infectious…....your laughter contagious...... and your desire to learn is admirable.

I hope to always encourage you, respect you, be your biggest fan, your advocate and your supporter. I will always hope for a brighter, more accepting tomorrow. But above all, I will always love you for who you are...my beautiful, amazing, intelligent, fun-loving daughter .

Happy 5th Birthday, Alli Jo!

You will always be my little princess.




Parker Post said...

Beautifully said Leah, AJ is lucky to have such an amazing loving mother.

The Gingerich Girls said...

Ahh! I remember visiting this precious little girl in the hospital. I can't believe she is already 5.

Tera said...

Awww, such a sweet post! Happy Birthday, Alli!!

Shannon said...

Enjoyed hearing how you decided on her name... she is a cutie!

Chelsa said...

sweet sweet post :)