For the last 4 years I've had so many "excuses" not to exercise and be healthy...that honestly I would write a book!

Here is my main one. "I just don't have time!" Do you hear yourself saying this? I did; I said it all the time! Well I have yet to meet someone busier than me (I'm sure they are out there) but I work a full time job M-F 8-5, have 3 kids (10 & under), a husband, and do photography part time......BUT yet I've managed the last 3 weeks to FIND TIME for ME! And you know what I'm HAPPY!!

I have trained my body to wake up at 4:30am on Tues & Thurs to run in the mornings. If you are NOT a morning person....let me tell you...I was worse than you. I'm serious, just ask my husband. I would sleep in until the last possible second. Setting my alarm to snooze 10 times or more HA HA. Well now I meet a friend and we run what my schedule calls for. Having a friend hold you accountable...make sure it's a friend that you don't want to disappoint. I suggest running with someone that is stronger than you when you're training. They can push you further than you think you can possible go! Find someone who knows the "rules of running" when you need advice they can help you!

Monday evenings I've hired a personal trainer to do Pilates. This is some cross-training that I NEED. I go straight after work so that I have NO DISTRACTIONS! If I chose to go home first I'm sure I'd pick my kiddos over myself, that's just the way it is =) So I head straight there and I'm home just about 1hr 1/2 after I usually get home.

Wednesday & Sundays are my rest days. I use them to sleep in an extra hour or two. And you NEED your rest days. Some only take 1, right now I take 2. You can view this article HERE to see why rest and recovery is sooooo important.

Fridays I try to do just a little bit of cross training. Sometimes I just do a video I have at home or I may go to the gym first thing in the morning.

Saturday is my LONG RUN. Long runs are VERY important! You can build the endurance you need to run a successful half-marathon!

Give yourself 2 weeks. 2 weeks for your body to get into a new routine. That's what it took for me =)


Nicole Benjamin said...

Thank you for this Leah!!! You are definitely inspiring me :) if my dang knee will quit giving me problems my butt will be out running more!! I've been doing a little bit lately but not much!! Kepp up the good work girl!!

Leah Robinson said...

You're quite welcome Nicole! And you don't wanna push it with injury! I took time off for my stress fracture and it was the best thing I could do for myself! Now I'm all healed and ready to go! haha

The Gingerich Girls said...

Great Job Leah!!! I wish I was motivated like you...I like to run, but once I get on the road, I lose interest and give up too quickly.