Well it's nice to know that I have 1 reader out there, thanks Courtney HAHA!!  J/K  Glad you all are tuning in and reading this post today.  I know that I haven't updated about my weight-loss/running in a while...so I thought I'd fill you all in.

For the last 3 weeks or so I started to train for a half marathon.  YIKES How many miles is that you ask?  13.1 to be exact.  You all know that I've ran two 5k's (3.1 mile) ...I actually just finished another this past weekend as well!  I achieved a new PR of 36.44, yay me! ha ha  It was the toughest 5k thus far...seemed to be all up-hill :(  But I made it, I survived!  Hunter my oldest decided to join me...ok well I made her LOL  She is a great runner, just gets very nervous before the race.
Hunter got an award for being 10 & under

I was a little worried when I saw my number was 13 haha...but it all worked out! 

So back to the half marathon talk.  I'm using a schedule that a friend and I found online, then modified to fit our schedules =)  Here's a scanned copy of what I'm doing.  As you can see it's not as bad as you might have thought...at least I don't think so =)  The number one thing I hear from people when I tell them what I am doing is, "I'm just not a runner!"  Well technically I'm not either folks.  I've been overweight for 4 years now, since having my 2nd daughter....and if I just ran 5 miles Saturday SO CAN YOU!! 

My long term goal is to do at least 2 minis a year and as many 5k's that I can do.  10k's just don't seem to come around here very often.  I'm excited...not quite nervous yet, but I know when it starts getting closer I will be.

One of the gals I run with gave me this quote this morning and I love it:   

"Enjoy your pain, you've earned it"! 


As for pain, yeah it hurts during my runs...not hurt like I need to stop....just sucks to be blunt.  But to be honest the "runner's high" that I get afterward and all day long...is sooooo worth it!!!!! 


Courtney, Jeff, Ayla & Leah said...

Woot Woot! At least you know I love you :) Kisses.
Ps. You are the bomb for even thinking about running a mini. Its such a cool thing!

Erica said...

You are doing so gooood! I cringe when I think about a mini! Lookin great too!

Tera said...

No...really, I'm not a runner! :) I thought maybe I would try this summer but I've had a bummed knee for 4 weeks now so I haven't even come close. Congrats to you!! You are awesome!

Parker Post said...

This is really inspiring, and I can relate. I lost a lot of weight just before our wedding and then after having Ella four years ago it just kind of stuck. I think the biggest fear with me of running is getting good enough at it that I would be comfortable running out where people see me. I know that sounds silly, but I'm just being honest. You are amazing keep it up!

Ashley said...

You don't know how happy I am for you!!!!! You are sticking with it and doing GREAT! It is hard to get into a routine. 13.1 miles just seems so far though.....you are doing it though:)

Chelsa said...

I'm sooo proud of you!
I'm the girl who "wants" to be a runner, but doesn't make the time and sucks at it!

Way to go for making the time! :)