9 weeks

9 weeks till my half marathon =)  I'm excited, but I know soon the butterflies will hit and I'll be a nervous wreck!  This past weekend I ran 6 miles for my long run.  I must say the 6 mile mark is awesome.  I felt this confidence I hadn't felt before, it was wonderful!  It takes me a good 2-3 miles to get warmed up, but after that I felt great!  I just want to encourage you readers that are wanting to start running, to push yourselves.  You will be surprised how much mental strength can overcome physical.  I would have never imagined I would run 6 miles w/out stopping...heck not even a 5k!  Stick to a good schedule that has you doing "easy" runs during the week and long runs on the weekends (or whatever works for your schedule). 

Also, some of you may remember me having an injury a year or so ago....I got a stress fracture on my foot.  The more I think back I think that it was my shoes.  I had horrible old shoes that I'd had for like two years.  I'm sure you runners are thinking OH MY....bad, bad Leah!!!  haha   A good rule of thumb is to replace your running shoes every 300 to 400 miles.  I have read that about halfway through the life of your running shoes, you might want to buy another pair of running shoes to rotate into your runs. Your shoes will last longer when you allow them to decompress and dry out between workouts. Also, having a fresh pair of shoes as a reference will help you notice when your old ones are ready to be replaced. 

So when I decided to do this half marathon, I bought my first pair of GOOD running shoes called ASICS GEL-Nimbus 12 for around $125.  Those are what I'm wearing now on my runs, and I love them.  Just recently they came out with a newer version of the shoe, the Nimbus 13...so that meant the 12's would be closed out....good news for me =)  I've been researching online and the cheapest place I found was runningwarehouse .  I actually just google for a code and at the checkout if you enter RWJUNE11 you get 10% off.  So I a brand new pair for around $71!!!  SWEET!!  YAY  And they have Free 2 day shipping!  So I will rotate out my new shoes on my runs so that I will have a good pair come the mini in September! 

I'd love to hear from my readers....let me know what you're doing or what you'd like to do to stay healthy =)

I'll leave you with a video of my little peanut Stella. Hope it brings a smile to your face =)


Chelsa said...

i had to laugh about the shoes- my brother is a huge runner (runs cc in college) and i always tease him about his "running shoes" b/c he has like 30 pairs !! :)

mama2K said...

Congrats Leah on your training! I did my first mini in 2006- I felt like I could conquer the world after that! What is also a great accomplishment is the training when you are a mommy, wife, and full time employee too!!! I am def more of a distance runner-- I love the feeling past 6 miles--- you will be amazed when you run 11 miles and you think it by so fast and easy! Keep up the great work! I choose Asics Kayano and always buy a year behind to get the great deal too when they start to be reduced.

Ashley said...

Leah I remember when you started running and now look at you go girl!!! You still have 9 more weeks....I don't think you are going to have any problem. Sure the nerves will kick in but I think that happens with every race. Thanks for encouraging us readers:)

And Stella was adorable! I thought it was cute how she was batting her eyes. lol