Week Three

Since I was a week behind.....We just had week 3 of our bible study
this past Wednesday, the 27th.

This will be a II part Blog entry. I want my readers (wives) to take
the following Lifestyle Forecast (you can copy and paste my words
to a word doc if it's easier to read)

Improving Your Lifestyle Forecast

Answer the following questions Yes (y), Sometimes (s), or No (n).
Tally the results to get a picture of possible provider issues. Tally
your results using this point system: 3 points for each Yes, often;
2 points for each Sometimes; 1 point for each No.

____ 1. Do you ever hide your purchases from your husband?

____ 2. When you are depressed, do you shop to “feel better”?

____ 3. Does any of your sense of self-worth come from one or more
of the following: how much money you make, where you live,
what you wear, or what things you own?

____ 4. Do you find it hard to stick to agreed-upon limits?

____ 5. Do you find it difficult to trust God to meet your needs or your
family’s needs?

____ 6. Do you often make purchases that do not fit in your budget?

____ 7. Do you buy items for your children so that they can “fit in” even
when the purchase is not a good financial decision?

____ 8. Do concerns over money push you to unhappiness and resentment?

____ 9. Are finances at the heart of arguments between you and your

____ 10. Do you make large purchase without consulting your husband or
or other family member?

MY TOTAL: __________

Interpreting Your Points

21-30 Storm clouds on the horizon You may be part of
the problem.

15-20 Partly cloudy, rain likely Conflicts may arise
Over financial matters.

3-14 Mostly Sunny Your husband feels
you’re both are on the same team.

This weeks title was "The World on His Shoulders"

Then I want you to listen and watch the following video:


Stay tuned for my summery of this past week.......................

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