Boring Thursday

Well it's a pretty boring Thursday, so I decided to
post some random pics of the family....................

Remember I said that Alli Jo beats up Hunter?
Here is the picture to prove it LOL

Isn't she gorgeous!!!!

Somebody is mad LOL

Quit mom!!!!!

Grady man is sure happy
So cute!
Ok, make silly faces

Alli Jo heading out to "work" lol
Wait a minute she has a call
Oh it's daddy!!!!!!!
Oh daddy....ur so funny!!!!!!!
Alli Jo taking a picture of daddy with mommy's
new camera LOL


The Gingerich Family said...

Too...cute. Love Alli's mad face. That must be Joe coming out of her.hehe.

The Robinson Family said...

I have no idea where she came up with that silly face....we were cracking up!!!! ha ha

Chelsa said...

cute pictures :)