Future Robinson

I know, I know you were all probly thinking I was going to say
I'm pregnant.....NOPE not me (although it does seem like every-
one around me is, so I'm staying away from the water) LOL

Here is the future member of our family........

Meet Lily

Her daddy is a Yorkie and her momma is a Bichon
so she is technically a Yo-Chon. She will look similar
to these puppies:

We thought she would be great for the girls!!!
We resently lost our dog that Hunter has grown
up with....Toby. I got him when I still lived with
my parents, about a year before Hunter was
born. So Hunter has been with him all of her life.
It was very upsetting for all of us.

It should be perfect timing......we'll be moved into
our new house and then Lily will be ready to come
live with us. And her mommy lives right down the
road if she ever wants to go visit :)


Chelsa said...

too cute :)

that title was misleading :) :) :) i was hoping you were going to say you were pregnant!

The Robinson Family said...

I know LOL Hee Hee :)