Armes Photo Shoot 8.02.08

Well I did another photo shoot this past Sat.
for my good friend Jenn and her family. If they
weren't watching their little one so closely I would
have snatched him right up!!! Landon has a smile
that melts your heart!!! I keep telling her we need
to have an arranged marriage with Alli Jo and Landon.
Ha Ha! Jenn is expecting this fall, with another boy......
I'm sure he will be just as handsome as his big Bro :)


Abby said...

Leah, your pictures truly are beautiful. I'm gonna have to email you with some more questions. I am trying to teach myself everything and there is just soooo much to learn. It's crazy, but so much fun. Keep up the beautiful work!

The Jeffers Clan said...

Leah...once again, your pictures are awesome. I plan on calling you soon:)

Brenda said...

Will you do ours sometime?!?! I love your pics! You do an amazing job!