Stella Alyse - 14months

Hard to believe I bought these shoes last year at a yard sale, thinking how BIG they were and now they fit Stells :(  She is growing up soooo much!!  I just lub her so much, yes I said "lub" hee hee!

Here are few pics of the Diva from my iPhone:
Copied this from my girl Courtney...
Right now Stella.....
Loves: dancing, screaming, bananas, climbing in chairs or anything she can, our cats (kitty she calls them),
her baby who she calls "stella"
Learning: says the following words......daddy, momma, mamaw, Ner (Hunter), sis, kitty, no, yuck, see (she points to everything while saying this), pap, and many more! 

Life: eats whatever everyone else is eating even if she just ate.  Takes 2 naps a day.  Still taking her meds for the absence seizures.  Doing ok with them, but still has an occasional seizure, dr. said that is "normal". 

Body: wears 12mos clothes, size 4 diapers, size 2-3 shoes


Chelsa said...

c is still in a size 2-3 shoe too!

Ashley said...

I had to laugh when I seen she loves to scream and climb!! Stella is keeping mommy and daddy busy. haha.