Andrea Boes 5k/10k Run/Walk

Well I did it, and I'm not dead HAHA!  I survived my first 5k!  I cannot begin to describe the endorphins that run through your body when you accomplish something like this.  The entire race environment is amazing!  I love it!!  I want MORE of it!!
Here are some pictures from the race:

 Hunter and I before the race
 Hunter and her best friend Ashley
 Getting ready at the start
 Walking to the start
 Hunter crossing the finish line, so proud of her!!  Time of 0:36:08 
Me crossing the finish line:  Time of 0:38:01
 Kayla & Jenn two co-workers and great friends with me and Hunter

Here are some things I found online and also learned from my first 5k:

1. Don’t be nervous.  Remember it is first and for most for a GOOD CAUSE.  Remember the reason behind the race and forget all the selfish thoughts that cross your mind.  Most likely all the other women are thinking the same thing you are so get over "what you look like" and "what the woman next to you looks like"!!

2. Pace yourself.  Everyone starts out very fast, don't worry about getting to the front, just lightly jog until you get out on your own! 

3. There is no shame in walking. Some people run; some people walk. Others do a little of both. Even the fastest runners pulled over to the sidewalk to take walking breaks along the way, and I was one of them!  I even walked the first hill we got too...the cool air got to me and I  couldn't catch my breath, but I got back into it on the next straight-away!

4. Enjoy the moment. The whole experience was unlike anything else. Along the way, you hear the collective pounding of sneakers on the pavement all around you. People sit in their front yards and gather on the sidewalks just to cheer on complete strangers. When you look around, you see people who are all there for one common goal. I listened to some rockin’ songs on my iPod (without which I might have lost motivation when it got really tough). And when you see the finish line approaching, no matter how tired you feel, somehow you dig down deep and give it everything you’ve got left. It's the most fun you'll ever have running.

5. Keep moving. Don’t stop moving just because you cross the finish line. Keep walking for several minutes to cool down, and visit the water station to get hydrated. Stay on your feet as much as possible—this will help you avoid cramps and post-workout soreness. Spend several minutes stretching, too, focusing on the calves, quads and hips, which are likely to be sore in the coming days.

6. Be proud. I never thought that a 5K was really a big deal—I mean, it’s no marathon, right? But it was a challenge and I was glad that I had pushed myself to the end!

7. You CAN do it. I saw children under 10, seniors over 60, pregnant women, dads pushing strollers, tall, short—every size, shape and age imaginable. Everyone was there and they all did it! Don’t let the fear of coming in last deter you—it’s still better than all the people who never try.

8. Try again. I am 100% motivated to try again! I want to get a better time and I want to run the whole course without taking a break. These goals are enough to inspire me to finally take up a regular running program (never saw that one coming!). In fact, there’s another race in a month that I think I might try!!


Chelsa said...

go you!!

Suheski Family said...

Good Job Leah!!!!

Courtney, Jeff, Ayla & Leah said...

so proud of you leah! :)

Ashley said...

Way to go Leah!!! You are an amazing woman and keep it up!!

Nicole Benjamin said...

GREAT JOB to ALL of you!!! It's awesome that Hunter did it w/you!! That's a memory you two will share forever!!! CONGRATS!!

Jamie said...

what an accomplishment!!! and exciting that you were able to do this with hunter. I hope Ava and I will be able to run in races together one day.

Jen said...

Way to go!! I am signing up for the Evansville half-marathon in October. You should, too!