No joke, my kids are fighting over DOING chores!!

So the other day I decided it's time for my kids to REALLY do chores!! I am so fed up with Joe and I doing everything around the house! So I was looking online for chore charts to print off, but nothing was what I wanted and it just seemed to hard! I went to my blog and started reading my favs that I follow, and clicked on eighteen25's post. Could be fate because what are the odds I was looking for it the SAME day she posted!! Crazy!! And it's EXACTLY what I was looking for!!

So no joke, my kids are fighting over DOING the chores!!  
Check out my job chart.
in fact their mission is to...
 provide parents a website to help teach children the value of a dollar, how to work and be responsible, in a fun and positive way.

here is what you do:

create a page for your family

click on assign jobs
(once you are in that window, you are able to select child, chore, reward, day, am/pm.)
i love that you can set up each child's account with chores that are specific to their age and abilities.

once you are all set up you're ready to roll.

head on over to the website and browse a minute. 

take a look at the option of setting specific rewards.
a new toy/video game
they can shop on amazon...Hunter chose her big prize Going to a concert! 

they also have the option of  setting their money aside for savings
they can share with charities...
how cool is that?

oh... and when they finish their chores, you will be notified...
by text or email!!
(no, i'm not joking...cool, right?)


Abby said...

i've actually started an account here but haven't put it into practice yet.. not sure if the kids are old enough yet.. (well the boys) but i'm in need or more SET chores around here too.. love reading about others.. maybe this will get to me to put it to the test!!

Leah Robinson said...

Oh you should! You can make your own up, but simple things like Alli's as brushing their teeth and helping set the table!

Ashley said...

This so fits your high tech family! haha. That is such a good idea and so organized!!

The Gingerich Girls said...

I saw this post as well and I am half tempted to use it for Grace at the new house...I don't if Izabelle will be able to use it very well, but I am sure she will like if sissy likes it, LOL...Thanks for posting this and giving me a reminder that I need to set up some chores for the girls:)