Trying to update the best I can life has just been a whirlwind lately! 

Oh January 20th one of my best friends gave birth to her 2nd son, and named him Hudson Alan.  Such a CUTE name!  I just ADORE it, and HIM!  I must say we've talked about this sweetheart since I can remember, so he feels like such a part of my life!  The entire family is part of my family and I love them so much.  Here are just a few pics I snapped during our newborn session. 

For some reason I can't get the rest to load, but you can view them on my facebook page and soak in the cuteness =) 

A lot of people tell us how tiny Stella is, and at first I really didn't see it.....but now that I see her compared to other 1 year olds, she's just a peanut =)  Here Miss thing sitting at Alli's princess table.  I think this is one of the first times she climbed up there by herself....stayed there for about 45 minutes!  I'm not sure if she was just having "that" much fun or she was too scared to get down, ha ha!

Not often do I do self-portraits, but Alli Jo has been stuck to my hip lately so I grabbed Hunter's camera and snapped one of us...yep she's my bestie!
I have been soooo self conscious my entire life!  It doesn't matter if I'm skinny, fat, tan, white LOL  I just am not fond of my outer appearance.  But I'm sick of that!  God made ME, ME!  My body and looks do not define who I am....how do I know this?  Because my AWESOME husband, still loves me despite the weight I've gained over the last few years.  He loves ME! 

I recently came accross a popular blog about a young mother & father of four children.  Both the mother & father were in a horrible plane crash and are now scarred over 80% of their body.  At first the mother (who was a blogger) didn't want anything to do with blogging or the computer, but now she blogs and writes all the time.  And she has discovered that she is HERSELF and not a body!  It was very inspirational and touched my heart.  I pray that I won't be so self-absorbed and learn who I am and not judge others by looks when I first meet them. 

Alli Jo started swim lessons again for Febrary.  Since we're heading to the sunshine state for spring break, and the house has a pool I wanted to make sure she touches up on her swimming again.  Alli actually doesn't do "too" bad.  But this round seems to be struggling with the male instructor.  She doesn't quite trust him like she did last month with an older woman.  She is still afraid to get water on her face.  I'm not sure where this fear comes from, but hopefully we will work on it before the end of March!  We got a little behind these past couple of weeks because she got sick again with borderline pneumonia.  I'm not even sure if I told many people.  I felt like our entire family has been so sick, I'm kind of tired of complaining and don't want people to feel like I'm a complainer....but it sucks!  We're all starting to feel better (knock on wood).

This month I launced my new website:  http://www.leahrobinsonphoto.com/  Well same site, just a new design.  I'm very humbled by the gift God has chosen for me.  I hope that I can capture memories for a lifetime!

Had to post this picture b/c these two are just hilarious together =)
I just hope and pray they stay this close!

Valentine's Day...gosh I think AJ was sick with pneumonia, so we all really didn't do much.  The hubs and I hired a babysitter the Saturday before and we went and saw JUST GO WITH IT.  It was pretty hilarious!!  I'm a BIG Adam Sandler fan...so it was definitely up there on favs!  It's nice having adult converstation every now and then, but we end up talking about the kiddos =)  ALWAYS!  We started talking about finally finishing our basement.  The hubs got excited b/c he "thinks" it's going to be some sort of man cave or something HA HA!  We'll just have to see about that.  I have no problem turning it into a sports theme, but he wants to put his deer heads up....which is "ok" I guess, but I don't want him turning it into a mossy oak oasis or something LOL

Here are the flowers he brought home for V-day =)  So sweet!

It has been honestly one of the LONGEST winters I ever remember!  It's been sooooo COLD.  And trust me I do not complain of coldness (just ask hubs who I freeze out of the house).
Here are a few pics of the "kids" playing in the snow a few weeks ago....

Stella got to see her first 3D movie, sit in a booster seat, and wear the 3D glasses!  Yep, she's only 13 mos, but she was soooo good!  Joe did end up taking her out the last 15 minutes, b/c he dropped her bottle and it busted everywhere LOL  She probably would have fell asleep otherwise ;)  

Now see why I've been soooo busy?? HA HA  I'm excused for slacking on the blog right?  hee hee Thanks ;)
I will leave you with this HILARIOUS photo my cleaning lady sent me this morning.  

It was titled "See something that doesn't belong?" 
Gotta love kids! ha


The Gingerich Girls said...

Leah, I have seen that blog as well about them being in a plane crash...I remember her post about the strength it took her to to show the world what her she looked like on the outside. And allowing the viewers of her blog to see that she was just as beautiful on the outside (whether she had scars or not)as she was on the inside.

Jamie said...

Oh my goodness I was wondering why I couldn't find your blog and now realized you've changed the title. That's why because it differently in my dashboard. Great updates!!! Love the newborn pictures, newborns are just so cuddly.

Courtney, Jeff, Ayla & Leah said...

Oh man. I love NeNe. :) I am assuming that is who you are talking about. She is a Super cool mom and blogger. I have read her on and off for a year or more. PS. YOu are beautiful and I hope we can hang out soon. Maybe when Abby moves to WASHINGTon hahahaha

Ashley said...

I always love getting updated on you and your family!!! I pretty much laugh everytime about something.....you crack me up!! I had to laugh about the mossy oak oasis. haha. Men ALWAYS want to have a man cave. I guess with Joe dealing with all girls in the house he might need a little something:)

Chelsa said...

love hearing your updates as usual :)