Great start to our New Year

Well we've been a little busy the last couple days, to say the least =) Monday night at dance Hunter fell during a spin and twisted her foot. She is ok, no broken bones...just a sprain. But she is to be off of it for a week or so and is using crutches. She's not a pro just yet at walking with them, so it's quite comical!
Here she is at the ER before her xray
That same day Miss Stella decided to tear apart a picture frame w/out gma knowing. She got the entire back and glass out of the frame and then broke the edge of the glass. In the meantime she sliced her thumb open :( So mommy had to rush home from work and take her to the dr. b/c the blood wasn't stopping!

Here is mommy's nice wrapping job HA HA!
Little Stinker Stella =)


Tera said...

Oh man!! What a day! Hope there are no more doctor trips anytime soon! Looks like your girls were spoiled with Christmas. :) No family picture??

Brittany Janae said...

Aww.. your poor little girls!!! Hope you all have a better (&safe) week!!! :)