Dr. Seuss rocked our house!!

So as you know Miss Stella turned one last week :(
Yes this momma is sad that time has gone so fast! But I'm
so happy that God has blessed us with this amazing little
girl! I cannot imagine life without her! She brings us so
much joy and laughter!

I decided to go with a Dr. Seuss theme for her 1st birthday
party. I had went back and forth between a few different
things. I was going to do a snow flake party with blue & red,
but kept coming accross Dr. Suess party ideas when searching!
Here are the pictures from her birthday party Friday night.
The best thing about all of this was that I traded services
with my great friend Mandi, and she took pictures for
me! I took some at her little ones's birthday pictures a
couple weeks ago! Thanks a MILLION Mandi =)
I put a few tutorials on how easy some of the decor was =)

I did almost everything last minute. I didn't have a banner
for the party, so last minute decided to cut up on old Dr. Seuss
I tore the pages out of the book (do not let your 4 year olds see you
do this, Alli Jo was NOT happy I tore a book LOL)
Measure the first pennant. Make it the size you want...
I just guessed and it worked!

Use the first pennant to make the rest....

Punch holes for the ribbon

Tie the ribbon and you're done! Tie the ribbon lose b/c
if it's too tight the banner won't arch.

Another EASY decor was these cans I also made
from old books....

I simply tore off the paper and emptied the cans...
Then wrapped the page around the can!
I figured out the hard way, it's much
easier just to tape it to the can then to
glue it!

The main thing I focussed on for this party was the colors,
blue, yellow, and red. It's very easy to find these colors,
but if you can't...simply grab some paint from wal-mart
and you have yourself some party decor!

I painted 3 black picture frames, and then printed off
Dr. Seuss quotes and sat them around, it was so simple
and made such an impact!

Bought the table decor from Party Express!

The AWESOME CAKE by Steph!
The "Green Eggs and Ham" smash cake! Loved it!

Some cake balls that guests went NUTS over!

Cupcakes I made myself (shocker I know) lol

LOVE my baby girl!

Got her outfit from ETSY SHOP!

Our family!

Guests were welcomed by this table....

Cute little leg warmers that were so "Dr. Seuss"

Stella with her future hubby!
Daddy helping her ride her new bike we got her!
Singing Happy Birthday...

Me with some of my Besties!

Hunter with her besties!

Stella with her bestie Adalyn =)

We asked "in lieu of gifts" to bring books for Riley's Children's Hospital since we have been so blessed this year with Stella's outcome....there are still so many families that aren't so lucky. We got TONS of books!! Thanks to everyone!!!!


Mandi Knepp said...

I agree... we do deserve to sit back and relax and enjoy all the hard work! It has been so fun getting to know you and your family. You definately rocked out Dr. Suess.... Loved your party! So creative!!!! Love you too.

Courtney, Jeff, Ayla & Leah said...

I need to have a photog at my bdays.... any takers ? :) Still totally stumped as to what my plan is for the girls party/ies. Ugh. Have thoughts just don't see it yet

Tera said...

Great job, Leah!! Everything is so cute!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like an awesome bday party Leah!! Happy Bday Stella!!

Chelsa said...

you are so creative! love the banner and cans! super cute!

Ashley said...

Thanks for giving the little demo's.....always up for ideas on how to do/make things:) Still in love with Stella's party....awesome!!!! How did you make the cake balls??