Update on Stella 11.22.10

Yesterday was our appointment with the neurologist. He first asked why we came to visit, and I explained the “episodes” we had noticed Stella having. He asked several questions and made me tell him in detail what happened, how long it happened, how often, etc. We went over Stella’s history from birth, and discussed her development, etc. He gave her a physical exam as well to test her muscle strength and so forth.

He then looked over Stella’s MRI and found nothing what-so-ever to worry about. He did find a cyst, but said he was VERY confident that it was nothing to worry about. He said if you took an MRI of every child 70% would have cysts show up. So thank you Jesus! He could not get the EEG to work on his computer, but the results were sent to one of his colleagues and he read him the results and they read “normal”.

He believes Stella IS having absence seizures. Although, he feels the outcome is good and she WILL stop having them eventually. If they get worse she will be ordered a 48-72hr EEG to further diagnose them.

Our goal is to stop the seizures 100%. So we will increase her dose of keppra. We will closely watch her for rash, kidney issues, and behaviors/side effects from the drug. Once we find the right med, dose, etc she will be on that for 1-1.5yrs. If we feel she is ready to be weaned off, we will then slowly do that.

Again, I just want to thank everyone from the bottom of our heart for the calls, texts, messages, etc that everyone has sent us. We have been overwhelmed with love! Thank you so much and when Stella gets older I will share with her the love shown! God is good!!


Audrey said...

Glad to hear that all went well! I have been praying for you all every day and I will continue to do so! If you ever need anything just let me know! The girls have been asking to have Alli over again to play too so we'll have to try to do that soon!

Tera said...

Great news! Hopefully she will grow out of them soon. (BTW, Brynna had a cyst in her brain too that has since resolved.) You guys have had a stressful couple of weeks...but have so much to be thankful for today!! Happy Thanksgiving!