Stella's EEG

Stella had her EEG on Friday. She did sooo PERFECT. Seriously did better then if the staff had programmed her LOL They wanted her to fall asleep if possible during the scan. So a good friend told me to make her as tired as possible before. So we drove to Evansville a couple hours earlier than planned b/c I knew she'd sleep on the way there. We ate and then went to the hospital. I gave her the seizure med she takes b/c I knew it'd make her tired. We timed it just right. They hooked her up to all the electrodes and turned the lights off, handed me her bottle and she fell right asleep. She was such a sweetheart! Again the staff bragged about how good she was =)

Tomorrow we go to see the neurologist finally. I hope to finally figure out what's going on with our sweetie pie. I will update ASAP =) If you have a second please keep Miss S in your prayers!!

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Courtney, Jeff, Ayla & Leah said...

How cute is she. Looking like a little robot with the wiring for hair :) Thought about you all weekend and your scare you had. Im sure you all are ready for the holidays and time to just be with each other. Hang in there.