ER Trip :(

I think we've had enough trips to hospitals to last us a lifetime! Thank you very much UGH So much for a "relaxing" weekend. Saturday evening I was sitting in Alli's room with both Alli and Stella. I had gone over the room to make sure there wasn't anything for Stella to put her mouth and then just let her crawl around next to me while Alli and I talked. All of a sudden Stella started gagging. I grabbed her and swiped her mouth...nothing! She continued to gag so I turned her over and did the baby baby heimlich maneuver...still nothing. I heard her "gulp" but she continued to gag. She seemed to be breathing just fine, so I didn't call 911. But I took her to ER just to be safe. While there she gagged twice, once in the waiting room and once when the nurse was in there (thank God). The xrays showed nothing, so the dr said to watch her closely and come back in if she started doing it again.

I started to worry that it may be from her "seizures". But you'll be happy to know that this morning she pooped out a candy bar wrappy LOL So that explains the gagging! Thank you Jesus for protecting our Stella!!

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Courtney, Jeff, Ayla & Leah said...

NICE! I bet you were relieved and gagging too hehehehe :) I wondered about this afteryou posted your trip on FB. Glad all is well. Hope to hear more news from you soon. Hope apt went well