My little graduate :)

It's hard to believe what one year can do!! WOW My middle baby is growing up {insert sad face here}

I know everyone says it's so easy to overlook the 2nd or middle child, and I do see that!  So I try to take extra time and make the effort to be there for Alli, just like I was for Hunter!  

I am BEYOND blessed that I am now working from home running my photography business and making my own hours, so that I CAN finally attend fun things like Kindergarten graduation!  

Alli had an abolutely AMAZING teacher this year, Mrs. Kavanaugh.  I cannot say enough good things about her, there's not enough blog space, honestly!  I prayed and prayed that AJ would have the teacher she would need to succeed this year and boy did those prayers come true!  Mrs. Kavanaugh treated my daughter as her own.  She was there to hug them, to help tie their shoes, whatever they needed to make that big leap into real school, she was there!  I thank God that there are still teachers like her.  

Here are a few pictures from AJ's Kindergarten ggraduation, that's right....she's now a 1st grader!

  Alli with one of her besties Lexi

 Alli with another bestie Emma

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