Mobile Uploads

Here are a few photo uploads from my phone the last couple months...it's pretty much how I remember what has happend and when LOL  My life is a whirlwind I tell you....in case you wonder why I haven't been blogging ;)

Alli Jo played softball this year...here they are getting their team photo

Little pint carrying her bag :)

While we were on vacation, our two bunnies made babies LOL Here is one of them with my baby!

The girls are working hard at their All Star Cheer facility, here is my Hunter doing some wall stretches in the splits (She is the one with her foot the highest, not bragging or anything LOL)
Alli Jo after gymnastics, she got a blue Popsicle LOL 

Jammin in the car...that's my Stells

 I think this was my first time being able to chaperone a field trip, woo hoo!  5th grade field trip to Spring Mill Park
My goofy girls entertaining mommy while she edits photos :)

The entertainer of the family, no joke!

A visit from our buddy Kason and his mommy Shaya:)  Of course the girls were attached at his hip ha ha
My two beauty queens, competed once again in a natural pageant :) Love them!

Stella and her bestie Belle watching their sisters play ball

As you see these next two, if you are a mother you are laughing with me now that it's all over, but I know your hearts sank just the same as mine did as my two year old comes running to me and says, "mommy, me do nail powish" with the biggest grin on her face!!  BLACK NAIL POLISH mind you

Chaperoned the band trip to Holiday World, not sure I will do that again LOL
Mother's day, ate at Mi Pueblo Mexican restaraunt
Hunter fell asleep at Wal-Mart waiting for me to pick flowers hee hee

My Million Minute Readers
My little cheerleaders
Went brunette again, lets see how long this lasts HA HA

 Random picture Stella took

My poor girl was sick with some bug last Thursday, she threw up from 4pm Thursday until around noon on Saturday, it was horrible!! 

Memorial Day the girls went swimmin in Gma Cheryls baby pool
 Went for a ride on the Ranger
 Fun times!
 Wore out...and knocked out!!  lol 

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