What a weekend!!

So as I mentioned before, Miss Alli Jo A.K.A. Diva...had her 4th birthday! We celebrated with friends and family on Friday night. It was so far one of the best bday parties ever! We are sooooo blessed with loving friends and family that just spoil my girls rotten with not only gifts but love =)

We started out the day Friday by mommy taking Alli to Club Tabby to get a makeover. This was a last minute thing that I had decided to do that week. And it was so much fun!! When we got there, there was a little girl getting her hair done before Alli. Her name was Ella. She was also turning 4 the same day as Alli Jo so it was really neat!

They gave AJ a chance to pick 5 different makeovers:
Pretty in pink – Ooh La La, after this make-over you will be as precious as a pink poodle with your fluffy boa.
Movie Star – You’ll be ready to roll into the hills of Hollywood with this makeover style.
Princess – Behold the beauty of a princess. You’ll feel like royalty with this special makeover.
Rainbow Rocker – this makeover is sure to let your personality shine…Girlz ROCK!
Tropical Princess - Same as princess except seasonal for the summer
And of COURSE she picked princess!!!! hahaha And she begged me to let her get color sprayed in her hair. Since it was her bday, I said yes. I've really tried to let the "control freak" part of me go and let my girls have their own individual styles and personalities!

Here are some pics of the makeover!

Sprinkle a little fairy dust on those pretty nails =)

So cute!

Ready for my party!!
I got AJ's shirt on Etsy at this shop . And
we've had the tutu since her first bday, it
worked great with her hair LOL
Shoes were from Wal-mart =)

My little Diva princess

I made her bday sign =) It was fun! The cupcake
circles were purchased from this etsy shop . Got
the zebra cupcake liners from this ebay store .
The cake was ordered from

Miss Stella was sportin her zebra wear....
Got her these zebra bloomers at this etsy store

This adorable hair bow was from the
same gal that made Alli's cake
Steph's Custom Creations

Having fun on the slippin slide

And back by popular demand.....the
princess bouncy house!

Braxton and mommy having fun on the slide

Such a cutie!!

Stella and Adalyn (5 weeks apart)
getting to know each other LOL
So all in all Alli's 4th Birthday = SUCCESS!!!

Saturday was the D.C. Baby Show. I debated putting Stella
in it b/c it was SO hot outside!! The entire time I was there
I kept saying, I'm never doing this again HAHA!!
I made Joe go up there with her...she's a daddy's girl
and I knew she'd do good up there with him =)
I LOVE how she is looking up at him in this picture!!
Of course getting the judges to love her!
Daddy and Stella
Yep, I'll take that 1st place ribbon!!!
Haha...she won!!!
1st place in Prettiest Girl 0-6mos!!!!!


Ashley said...

Alli's party looked like sooo much FUN!!! A day for her to get spoiled and all dressed up looking so pretty. That place in the mall is a little girl's dream and I bet Alli will be asking to go there again. haha. And way to go Stella at the baby show!! The pic. of her looking up at dad is adorable.

PS- Isn't Steph amazing...she blows me away with what she can do!

Chelsa said...

love the party! great theme!
and congrats again stella!

Crystal said...

Way to go Stella. All three of your girls are adorable. Happy Birthday Alli.


Brittany said...

What a great princess party!! Your girls outfits and accessories are awesome!!

Jamie said...

Great job on the party! I love the zebra theme, the outfits and your fabulous etsy finds! You must have shopped around that site for hours. I can never decide what to buy because there are too many choices. Thanks for sharing!

Tera said...

The party looked like a hit! You did a great job coordinating everything. I saw Miss Stella's picture in the paper!! :)