Show Us Where You Live-Living Room &/or Family Room

Today I am participating in "Show Us Where You Live Friday". I know a few other of my buddies like Chelsa have also started participating. It sounds like something fun, and I haven't posted many pictures of our new home...so why not!! ha ha

You can check out Kelly's Blog who started this fun thing!

She is has a very inspiring story, so if you haven't read her blog, please do!

This week is the Living Room and/or Family Room Edition

This is my living room couch,

I'm thinking of making the wall red like the pillow, what do you think?
Another view from a different angle....that love seat is no longer there, it's part of our section which is now upstairs.

View from our front door entrance

I plan on putting an electric fireplace with our

flat screen plasma mounted above it....

right where the 32in is now

This is the table at the entryway from our front doorThis is the hallway looking towards our room from the living room
Looking from the living room into the kitchen

Some things have changed a little since I've taken these pictures, but nothing drastic! We also have a living room area upstairs that I turned into a media room. We have a projector and a "homemade" screen that we just love! I'll have to post those pictures another day :)


Yesterday was our worse day yet. My poor baby didn't want to drink ANYTHING until after about 2:30pm. I was getting worried I may need to take her to the hospital, but my prayers were answered and when she woke up from her nap, she started drinking anything and everything! She even got hungry later on! Thank you Jesus! She is still in a lot of pain, and moans when she sleeps...it just breaks my heart! But I know in the long run this is all going to be worth it! I just hate to see her in so much pain, UGH! Today I came to work, so I could catch up on things, and my mom is watching her. I haven't had an update and I don't want to call in case I wake her up, but I know she is excited "Mamaw Nita" was going to be there!

I'm hoping we can do "something" this weekend for Mother's Day, but I don't plan on taking her out of the house for too long if I do at all.

Well till the next time............


Lauren said...

what a pretty home!

Hope Alli jo feels better soon.

Brittany said...

I LOVE your kitchen!! Poor Alli Jo :(

Amy S said...

AWESOME HOME!! LOVE IT and with the UL it will look greAT.. HOW IS ALI?

Tera said...

Thanks for sharing pics of your new house! Glad to hear Alli is doing ok...poor thing! Love the pictures in the dandelions.

Tara said...

Love the house pictures. Did you get your bar stools from Target? If so, would you like 2 more? Jess and I will be moving home in the fall/early winter and looking to divest some furniture. We've never used them much and would be happy to part with them sooner. They just take up extra space at our house. Let me know!

Chelsa said...

hey! so glad you are getting on the bandwagon too :) i love kelly's blog and this house tour thing is so fun! totally addicting i believe! your house is gorgeous and i really think you should paint the wall red! although i'm going through a "red" phase and really wanting to paint a room red myself sooo maybe i'm a little biased! haha.

Ashley said...

I love your house! I have been wanting to see some finished pictues and it looks great. I do love that color on your wall already. If you are wanting a little more red...maybe a rug that is red or has red in it would look cute. Just a suggestion.