Prayer Warriors

I'm asking all you prayer warriors out there to keep my friend Lacy in your prayers! Lacy is 33 weeks pregnant, and while at her regular check up, she was dilated already to 2.5 centimeters. It is too soon for baby to come, so they admitted her to the hospital to stop the contractions. I believe she got a shot for Ava's lungs, and a pill to stop the contractions, but the pill didn't work so they put some in the IV (I think that's right).

I got a text yesterday morning that they got to come home! woo hoo! I think they got her back down to 1.5cm........But she still needs our prayers so that Miss Ava stays warm and comfy for a little while longer!!!

Please just take a second and pray!!! Thanks so much!


Courtney, Jeff, & Ayla said...

Wow this hits close to home! ha I will def say a prayer for them. It is very scarey!! But look how long Leah decided to stick it out after all!

Anonymous said...

Leah, thank you so much for that post! She is at home, on strict bed rest, but when I was out there last night, she was still having contractions. She's stubborn and went to BR school for her last day. She missed the kids and teachers so much, but she really needs to stay off her feet! Thank you for all the prayers! We can't wait for Ava to get here, but we want to make sure she & mommy are healthy! Thanks again!

Abbie Lynn said...

I will keep praying for Lacy and her sweet family - they are the cutest little family!!
Also, I love your new header for your blog - great pictures of your family and your girls:)

xoxoxoxoxoxo, abbie lynn

Jenelle said...

Will def. say a prayer for them!

Chelsa said...

praying! keep us updated