Playing catch up

I thought it had been a month since I posted, but it seems to only be 1 week...that's long my week has been!!

On the weekend of Oct 9th & 10th, I did Halloween/Fall mini sessions. These were GREAT! The kids had me cracking up...such litle personalities! You can check out my FAN PAGE to see the sneak peeks from each session!

To top it off Sunday evening I started getting sick. The kind of sick that has you sneezing, itching, coughing, and feeling like you've been run over by a truck!! Fun fun...ugh! That wasn't even the best of it....Hunter and Alli both got sick as well. And the icing on the cake.....Stella was getting 3 teeth at once (enough said right) HA HA! So that Tuesday I called in sick to work, took all 3 girls to the dr. Stella was due for her 9 months well baby check up. Both H & A had sinus infections. The doc looked at Alli Jo and said, "Ewww!" That's when you know it's bad =) She gave H&A the same antibiotic and they were feeling better within a couple days (thank God).

Stella had her 9 month check up and did great! She now weighs 17lbs 6oz, and is 28 3/4 inches long! She is 95 percentile in height and 25 percentile in weight...gonna look like a model =) Ha Ha She reminds me a lot of Hunter. She is long and petite.

That evening my mom (who was sick herself) drove us both to quick care and we both got in. We both had sinus infections also :( Talk about when it rains!! Geez!

So did our night get any better? NOPE!! I had put Stella in her playpen with one of those Board Books (said it was safe for 0+)and not even 5 min later heard her gagging. She had been chewing on the book pulled some sort of plastic layer off of it and had a piece stuck in her mouth! I swapped it with my pinky and got it out, thank GOD!!! I seriously PRAISED my Savior Jesus Christ for keep my baby girl safe! I was not very alert that evening, and He had His hands around her! Thank you Jesus!

Here are some pictures of that book and you can see what happened. Please watch your little ones with these books!!

Just to show you how tired we were that week. Here is me working on editing my mini sessions and here is AJ who fell asleep watching me edit.

So after my "pity" party, I had to get it together, b/c Hunter was having a sleep over that Thursday for fall break. She was having 4 friends over!! And we decided to ask Alli’s friend to come over too, so that she could be distracted from the big girls LOL So yes, that meant 9 women in the house HA HA….lucky Joe right? I will post more pictures later of the activities it was a lot of fun, I love those girls =)

Here they are trying to get Stella to crawl to them =)

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Jamie said...

Wow ~ that's actually kind of scary (about the book). We have tons of board books like that and I was planning to use them again with our new baby girl just like I did with Ava. Good thing you were right there.