Another weekend that came & went!

Well another weekend has come & gone! Seems like when you have things to do, it goes by so fast! Saturday I had two photo shoots to do. One was for The Craig Family, and the other was for a 50th anniversary party. Both went really well, and I was done by about 1:30 Saturday. Alli and I just chilled out for a while b/c daddy was working & sissy was at her daddy's house. Then we decided to go to Wal-Mart & buy some more gifts for her b-day :) Oh, daddy just loved that! Ha, ha!

These are photos of the The Craig boys! I swear those boys are going to be heartbreakers!!! Will was just a riot! He was so full of energy! Ryder was the cutest two year old boy eva!!

Sunday Joe & I spent most of the day at our house doing little things. We are moving along great! Joe got quite a few rooms framed up and put some styrofoam in the crawlspace. This week they will be doing the electric, heating & cooling, and plumbing I believe! So it won't be long and we're going to actually have a home!!!

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